Admission 2016

This year we are having to do something we do not enjoy, raise the admission prices at The Motor Vu Theater. Last year two things occurred that are leading to this price increase, a significant increase in the amount of outside items we saw being brought in and another increase to property taxes in the county.

When people bring in outside items into the theater, choosing not to purchase from our snack bar, we have to recover our costs of doing business somehow. This forces us to rely on the admissions paid by those people to cover the cost of doing business. The various taxing entities in Tooele County (School District, Fire District, County, ect.) pretty much all chose to pursue tax increases in last year’s election. Occasionally we can absorb those increases, but this was another large increase and we had to make some choices.

Over the winter we have taken steps to cut our costs as much as possible. We’ve eliminated things like the extra phone lines, and looked at staffing at the theaters as well. We realized that we had hit a point where we had no other option, but to consider price increases of some sort. We looked over things and decided that the fairest option to all our customers was a small increase to each ticket price.

Prices for admission this year will be the following:

Adults (12-61): $8.00

Seniors (62+): $6.00

Children (3-11): $2.00


5 thoughts on “Admission 2016

    1. I hate that you had to raise your fees, but I completely understand and support you. My family will support and continue to go to the Drive Inn every summer. It’s a family tradition we started 14 years ago when we moved here. We Love the Motor Vu!! Can’t wait for the Summer!


  1. That’s is more than fair! I’ve been going there since I was a kid. Now I take my kids and hopefully the tradition keeps going. We will be customers till the end!!! Love the staff always so nice!!!


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