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Pokémon Go

With the popularity of Pokémon Go I thought it prudent to get this information out fast as the theaters appear to be listed as Pokéstops in the game.

The Motor Vu Theater generally does not interfere in cell phone use unless we see you recording the movie or your cell phone use is interfering with the people around you enjoying the show. However, we feel the need for a few common sense guidelines due to the release of this game.

  1. Please limit roaming around the theater to the time before the showings, after the box office opens and you have paid for admission. We cannot allow persons who have not purchased a ticket into the theater during these times due to the agreements with the movie companies that allow us to show their movies. If you are found without a ticket inside the theater you will be subject to our penalty admission rate of $24 or get to deal with the county sheriff and a trespassing charge.
  2. If you are wandering the theater grounds before the shows, please keep aware of your surroundings there are cars moving all over the theater. We don’t want anyone getting hurt.
  3. Persons found inside the theater property during non-operating hours may be subject to trespassing charges if they are there without the permission of the owner.
  4. Please do not enter any non-public area in pursuit of Pokémon. At the Motor Vu Theater the only areas open to the public during show times are the theater parking area, the snack bar except areas marked Employee’s only, the public restrooms (I really do want to know if someone actually finds a Pokémon in there and if it pops out of the toilet, and please no camera use in the restrooms), and the entrances and exits. All other areas and all areas outside our operating hours are off-limits and may result in your removal from the theater or trespassing charges. Non-public areas that are off-limits at all times include the areas inside the fencing around the screen tower, the access road going around the screen, and the hill by the exit.

I apologize if this sounds too harsh, but there are several people we’ve had dealings with in the past that if I don’t specify things like this they try to take advantage of perceived loopholes.


2 thoughts on “Pokémon Go

  1. We have just moved back to the area and are looking forward to Labor Day weekend. I assume the 3 movies are shown on each night, what time are you opening the gates please?


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