Bring-back Popcorn Buckets 2017

Happy almost spring! We’re happy to announce that the bring back popcorn buckets for the 2017 season at the Motor Vu Theater are now available. The “Trolls” buckets being sold at the Ritz will be honored this summer at the Motor Vu, and we are purchasing a few more that may be different style. Once these buckets are sold there will not be any more available this year. Be sure to pick yours up at the Ritz for just $8.00 today, refills will be $2.00 any time this summer with the bucket.
Some clarification, the buckets that we honor at the Ritz are the Fantastic Four and Alvin and the Chipmunks ones that were sold last year, and will continue to be honored for rhe next few months at least. The Trolls ones will be honored at both the Motor Vu, for the 2017 season, and the Ritz through at least January. If we end up with a different style bucket I’ll update this list.

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