Rentals and Group Events

Private Rentals

Prices for private theater rentals depend on the day of the week and movie or movies wanted. This is not a cheap option due to the charges for the rights to show the movies, with prices ranging from several hundred to a couple thousand dollars or more. Prices for special movie requests can vary greatly, if we can even obtain the rights to show the movie (Disney movies more than 1 year old, anything by Lucas Films, and many movies like those are generally not available per the copyright holders, we are asked for them a lot). We try to limit private events to 1-2 a week when we are open nightly and 1 a week when we are open weekends only.

If you are interested in renting the theater at those prices please contact us via a message on our Facebook page for more information on pricing and availability.

Commercial BBQ

In 2015 we purchased a commercial grade BBQ grill that is available for our customers to rent as an addition to our rentals. If you are interested in adding this to your rental, please be sure to inquire about pricing for this service in your message.

Early Access

We are occasionally asked about early access to the theater for a birthday party (less than 50 people) or other, similar event. Currently, the only early access we can offer is if you chose to rent our Commercial BBQ before the shows. Generally, you and your group would be allowed into the theater up to 1 hour before we normally open the gates. Your group is responsible for providing the food you choose to use, and for clean-up of all materials prior to the gates opening for the evening.


Disclaimer: I can not give out exact pricing here due to competition in the market. Sorry.